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  • Sally Chen

    Sally Chen


  • Emmett Hobbes

    Emmett Hobbes

    Emmett (he/him) is a cartoonist living in Atlanta, Georgia, but hails from CA, MI, and WI. His personal work often centers queer neurodivergent characters who are just Trying Their Best.‚Äč

  • Viv Tanner

    Viv Tanner

    Viv (they/them) is a Swiss illustrator based in Vienna and passionate about illustrating characters in atmospheric settings for magazines, comics, books and more.

  • Toril Orlesky

    Toril Orlesky

    Toril graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in 2013. After dropping out of flight school, she went West and is currently employed as a production manager at an award-winning Bay Area publisher.

  • Irene Yeom

    Irene Yeom

    Irene Yeom is a New York based Korean-American illustrator that has a passion for good storytelling. She loves the look of 90s anime and low poly games.

  • Emily Ettlinger

    Emily Ettlinger

    Emily is a Maryland-based illustrator, cartoonist, and product designer. She is a Rhode Island School of Design 2016 graduate.

  • Alex Siple

    Alex Siple

    lex is a Venezuelan-American visual artist and writer. She loves colorful, emotional storytelling as well as pop music, jukebox musicals, and interesting queer representation.