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  • G.B. Lindsey

    G.B. Lindsey

    G. B. Lindsey was born and raised in California. Aside from her salacious ongoing affair with the horror genre, she loves to write sci-fi, romance, historical fiction, and short stories.

  • Bria Strothers

    Bria Strothers

    Bria Strothers is a writer/comic creator of speculative and romance stories who is currently based in the Bronx. When they are not writing, they enjoy skateboarding, creating sonic storytelling soundscapes, and doing cosplay. She received her MFA in Creative Writing from Pratt Institute.

  • N.T. Poindexter

    N.T. Poindexter

    N.T. Poindexter (they/them) is a queer nerd and a citizen of the Cherokee Nation who writes fantasy about murder and monsters. They live in the soggy-but-beautiful Pacific Northwest, with their dork of a cat giving feline supervision

  • Marten Norr

    Marten Norr

    Marten is a full-time artist and graphic designer residing in Washington state. He obtained his BA in social science with a history focus from Western Oregon University in 2017, and endeavors to seek out and study underrepresented narratives. Mar has been storytelling and writing since time immemorial and several of his short stories were featured…

  • Allene Keshishian

    Allene Keshishian

    Allene Keshishian is a second-generation Armenian American writer of fantasy and science fiction. She loves her Mustang, traveling around the world on spontaneous adventures, and petting every dog she sees on her morning walks. Through her stories she delights in confronting the parts of ourselves we might prefer stay hidden, while also providing reasons to…

  • Sally Chen

    Sally Chen


  • Sujin Witherspoon

    Sujin Witherspoon

    Sujin Witherspoon is a Korean-American author, artist, and lover of words she can’t pronounce. She spends her days writing (or thinking about writing), exploring Seattle, and searching unsuccessfully for Bigfoot in the surrounding forests.

  • Christopher Ruz

    Christopher Ruz

    Christopher Ruz is a Melbourne-based professional author writing epic fantasy about stabbing and/or kissing. He is also the editor-in-chief of Emergence Magazine, writes for videogames, and spends his spare time taking unflattering photos of his cat.

  • Seth Haddon

    Seth Haddon

    Seth Haddon is a queer Australian writer of fantasy. He is a video game designer and producer, has a degree in Ancient History, and previously worked with cats. He lives in Sydney with his partner and their two furry children.

  • Ray Nadine

    Ray Nadine

    Ray is a jack-of-all-trade comic creator in Chicago. Their graphic novels include Light Carries On and Station Six, scheduled for future release, Messenger with writer Paul Tobin, and a huge handful of self-published comics.