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Author-illustrator Emily Ettlinger’s SKELEANOR THE DECOMPOSER, about an inventive skeleton who wants to play her instruments in the town band, but she’s got more rattle than rhythm, to Rachel Sonis at Penguin Workshop, in a nice deal, for publication in summer 2023, by Em Lysaght at Ladderbird Literary Agency (world English).

Maeve in the Wild

Podcast: Subrights, Sci Fi, Graphic Novels, And How Publishing Makes Money with Agent Em Lysaght

“We talk about how agents neither can nor want to represent everyone—and how this mentality can help you keep going with your submissions. Plus, insights from the editorial process, why fit has to be so good—and what happens when an agent and editor disagree on your edits.”

Listen to the Podcast at the Manuscript Academy

Interview: Meet Em Lysaght

“I’m essentially a morass of pop-culture memes in a trench coat with surprising moments of sincerity. “

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